CK Kids Karate Belt Test

 Our students will be participating in a skills test for the next belt rank. This belt test will be given from June 4th through June 9th. If classes are taken twice a week, students will take the belt test in the second class of that week. If students attend a Saturday and weekday class, their belt test will be taken on June 4th. We would like to invite all parents to share in this achievement. Students who have recently joined the CK Kids Karate Program will participate in the belt test for a provisional belt. There will be a $35 fee on your May tuition statement. This fee includes all testing materials, certificate, and belt. Please be advised, due to testing, classes may run longer than scheduled. We appreciate your cooperation


Jun 09 2022


3:45 pm - 6:45 pm


CK Campus Door #22
68-02 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY
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